So many jobs, not enough hours in the day. That seems to be the story of every small farmer’s life.

Hence the invention of WWOOF, meaning willing workers on organic farms.

If you are interested in sustainability, have your head screwed on properly, are not afraid to get your hands dirty and can put a proper sentence together, then we invite you to be a temporary part of the gooseberry hill team. In exchange for around five hours work per day, we give you a roof over your head, home cooked meals and homemade bread, and the opportunity to learn about sooo many things: About the daily routine on a small farm, picking and bunching of flowers, selling at farmers markets, seasonal activities like hay carting, sheep shearing and lambing, bottle feeding an orphaned lamb, fencing, harvesting and processing the harvest, the magic of herbs and the joys of home grown vegetables, how to make your own ointments, how to make REALLY good bolognese sauce.

And, sometimes there’s cake, too!