The Family



has been working on the farm for 40 years and in 1988 finally built the mudbrick farmhouse to live here as well. He has studied Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Property and Education and has been a lecturer at UniSA for 34 years before moving on to being the Student Ombud. This only being a part time and flexible job, it gives him more time on the farm, where he is responsible for the raising of the certified organic vegetable seedlings and potted herbs, a lot of the flower picking, the cultivation of the ground before planting and the shredding of the flower rejects.



has immigrated to Australia from Germany in 2011 and moved to the farm in 2013. She is a cabinet maker and woodcarver by trade and now enjoys making sculptures with flowers. She started to get into gardening shortly after the birth of their daughter Juniper Lee, who loves the outdoors and fortunately was happy to watch her mum potter around in the garden for considerable amounts of time.

Anna is responsible for raising the flowers from seed and the sourcing of all our unusual varieties, some of the picking and bunching for markets and the arranging of our ‘special’ bouquets, as well as the redevelopment of the cutting garden with Junipers help.


Jean and Milton

Geoff’s Mum and Dad are still coming down to the farm most days of the week to help out. Milton’s job is to hand water all the seedlings and potted herbs in the nursery. He is an avid wood turner and produces the bulb dibbers we have available at our market stall during autumn.

Jean does some of the picking and bunching for market and is responsible for the stocking of our road side stall on Battunga Road.