What we do

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What we enjoy most about our farm is the diversity of what we do. It never ever gets boring!

Our main source of income are our certified organic vegetable seedlings and potted herbs and our cut flowers. They are available for purchase all year, with the bulk being grown from September to May. We sell most of our flowers as straight bunches, with some beautifully arranged mixed garden bouquets and posies added to the mix. Custom created arrangements for all occasions are always available.

We also sell hay and send out a monthly order form for bulk lamb during the growing season. Email us at contact(at)gooseberryhill.net if you are interested in either.

From March to May, we sell our surplus stock of spring flowering bulbs, smaller numbers of summer and autumn flowering bulbs and tubers are available at the appropriate times throughout the year.

Addidionally, we are a stockist for Eden Seeds and have a wide range available for purchase at the markets.