DIY Bride

Whether you are getting married or organising flowers for another event, if you are keen on creating the floral decorations yourself, we can supply you with bulk flowers.

Just like our bespoke flower design, this typically has to be booked at least 6 months in advance, so that we can plan our plantings accordingly. Places for bulk buys are limited, so booking early is advised.

As with all our other services, we try our best to accommodate your wishes for certain flowers and colour palettes, and will time our plantings to supply you with your desired flowers, but we can not 100 % guarantee those. Because we grow so many different flowers and foliages, there is usually something to fit your imagined florals, but please keep an open mind. Brides that choose the bulk option with us usually have a certain colour palette in mind, or a few different preferences, but care more about their flowers being locally and sustainably grown than to adhere strictly to those templates.


How does it work?

At least six months befor your wedding, you should contact us and book a consultation at the farm. We will show you around so you can see how your flowers are grown and discuss your preferences for certain flowers and colours, as well as quantities needed. Please bring along photos of flower arrangements and bouquets that you like. We will talk you through what is likely going to be available at the date of your wedding and what flowers we can or cannot grow for you to accomodate your wishes. According to the amount of floral decorations you need and whether these are flower or foliage based, we will then estimate the costs and you will need to pay a deposit of 20% to secure your booking.

As a guideline, a small wedding with 1 bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaids bouquets and some table decorations will usually cost between 500 and 600 Dollars.


More the shotgun wedding type? During our main growing season, we sometimes have surplus flowers that we are happy to sell you in bulk. Just ask what we have available.


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